Falling Still, 2023 View project

AMORSPHERE (A moment of reflection), 2023 View project

Paper Artworks, 2020 View project

Dual, 2022 View project

The Veil, 2017 View project

Kyma, 2019 View project

What is hope?, 2022 View project

Sculptural Landmarks, 2020 View project

Penny-Half Sphere, 2016 View project

Billboards, 2016 View project

Duality Series, 2020 View project

Stem Production

Drift, 2015 View project

Project Year Skill Place Client Sector
Affinius Capital, New York 2024 Sculpture United States Commercial
London Hilton on Park Lane 2023 Sculpture United Kingdom Hilton Hospitality
Falling Still 2023 Sculpture United Kingdom Hilton Hospitality
Private Residence, Riyadh 2023 Sculpture Saudi Arabia Residential
AMORSPHERE (A moment of reflection) 2023 Sculpture San Francisco, USA IQHQ Public Artwork
Spin 2023 Sculpture Kaouhsiung Station, Taiwan Public Artwork
DIFFA By Design, New York 2022 Sculpture United States Installation
NEUNZIG°, Vienna 2022 Sculpture Austria Commercial
What is hope? 2022 Sculpture United Kingdom DIFFA Public Artwork
Luxury hotel suite, Framed Artworks 2022 Sculpture Qatar ArtLink Hospitality
Yah Jagah Hai (This Is The Place) 2022 Architecture India Hospitality
Warwick Court 2022 Sculpture United Kingdom Commercial
Dual 2022 Sculpture United Kingdom Mitsubishi Group Commercial
Hotel Lobby Artwork 2022 Sculpture United Arab Emirates Visto Hospitality
Private Residence, Riyadh 2021 Sculpture Saudi Arabia Residential
Private Residence, Dubai 2021 Sculpture United Arab Emirates Residential
Private Yacht Artworks 2021 Sculpture United Kingdom Residential
Private Residence, Los Angeles 2021 Sculpture United States Residential
Duality Series 2020 Sculpture Washington DC, USA AC Hotels Hospitality
Paper Artworks 2020 Sculpture Residential
Sculptural Landmarks 2020 Architecture Public Artwork
Vispring 2019 Sculpture Italy Vispring Installation
Kyma 2019 Sculpture Cyprus Parklane Hospitality
Deptford Sculpture Trail 2019 Sculpture United Kingdom South East Makers Club Public Artwork
The Veil 2017 Sculpture United Kingdom Grafton Advisors Commercial
Tiffany & Co. 2017 Sculpture Russia Tiffany & Co. Installation
Penny-Half Sphere 2016 Sculpture United Kingdom Broomhill Sculpture Park Public Artwork
Billboards 2016 Sculpture United Kingdom Installation
Publicis Artwork 2015 Sculpture United Kingdom Publicis Groupe Commercial
Drift 2015 Surface United Arab Emirates Majid Al Futtaim Group Hospitality
Kew Gardens 2014 Sculpture United Kingdom Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Public Artwork
Castor & Pollux 2014 Sculpture United Arab Emirates Design Days Dubai Installation
Louvre Desk 2013 Sculpture United Kingdom Victoria & Albert Museum Installation
Heart of Architecture 2013 Sculpture United Kingdom Public Artwork
Design Museum 2011 Sculpture United Kingdom Installation