Giles Miller’s work integrates with its environment – whether that is a natural landscape, an urban public space or the lobby of a beautiful hotel, the work consolidates and brings a defining character to the space or place that surrounds it.

Giles’s constant pursuit of creative and technological originality has spawned techniques that physically and emotionally benefit the viewer. Through a unique harnessing of materials and light, his work brings sensory, acoustic and emotional benefits which positively impact the viewer’s state of wellbeing.

The characteristic Giles Miller Studio aesthetic comes from the fusion of technology with the handmade. The resulting artistry of meticulously arranged components creates richness, tactility, depth and allure.



GMS creates space-defining surfaces and dimensional murals, which are often integrated architecturally into their surroundings.

Giles’s process is that of a composer, combining materials with light to create subtle and innovative artworks with textural imagery tailored to individual clients and contexts.



GMS creates sculptural and conceptual works of art.

Collaborating with clients on special commissions enables the studio to marry a direct response to concepts, environments and locations with its ongoing experimentation into new systems and structures. This way of working generates a unique result for every client and some of the studio’s most ambitious and progressive work.



GMS creates new architectural typologies.

Based on a foundation of surface and sculptural experimentation, the studio is looking to question how spaces are defined. The result is a new type of architecture that changes the way people experience the spaces that surround them.